Digital Artworks
Collect these artworks by me!
Some even have unlockable HD downloads for them!
Usually my artworks are set to "Free" although you'll need to pay a platform fee. Part of that fee goes to me, so I still get paid from your purchase.
Payment Methods
The best way is to pay with crypto using a crypto wallet like Metamask or Coinbase Wallet +++ make sure to connect that wallet here!

This allows you to unlock exclusive stuff wherever I am on the internet, like HD downloads for some of these artworks.

Paying by card with no crypto wallet is also possible, but you'll miss out on any exclusive content.
Why use crypto and NFTs though?
By using NFTs, I am not stuck with the features that one platform has. I don't need to switch platforms + reupload my artworks + ask you to pay again if ever a new platform arrives with better features.

I originally made these artworks into NFTs in another platform (Zora), but you can buy it on this website that I made with a website builder (Bonfire). For exclusive content, I use another platform for it (Guild), and not this website builder I'm using.

These are also the perks of using a crypto wallet instead of making an account on this website using only your email or socials.

You can view your collection (even by other artists if ever you collect from them too on whichever platform) in other platforms like Gallery, Zora, Zerion, etc. If I were to make a new kind of exclusive content on another platform, you'll need your crypto wallet which contains the NFT of the artwork you collected from me.